4th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON RETHINKING THE QUR’ĀN – QUR’ĀNIC STUDIES IN THE FIRST THREE CENTURIES – was successfully held by Research Institute for Philosophical Foundation of Disciplines between 20-21 October, 2018 in Gür Kent Hotel in Ankara.

Ismahan Yurt, head of Institute, made an Opening Speech in the beginning of the Meeting. Then Opening Papers were accordingly presented by Prof. Mehmet Said Hatipoğlu his title “Qur’ān and Critical Mind”, Prof. Alparslan Açıkgenç his paper “Formation of Tafsīr Discipline During the Tedwīn Period” and Prof. Halil Rahman Açar his heading “Can Earlier Attempts of Muslims to Understand the Qur’ān be Called as Tafsīr?”.

The Symposium continued Saturday afternoon & Sunday with parallel sessions including presentation of the papers and their discussions.

During the Symposium from Prophet Muhammad’s understanding the Qur’ān to Umar’s, Āishe’s, Ali’s approaches to the Qur’anic text, from Ibn Abbās, and Ibn Mas’ūd to Sībavayh, Jāhiz, Abū Ja’far al-Nahhās, Kalbī, Suddī al-Kabīr, Vāhidī, Abū Hamza al-Sumālī, Mujāhid, Ikrimah, Hasan al-Basrī, Yahyā b. Sallām, al-Muhāsibī, Qadi Abduljabbār, Abū Muslim al-Isfahānī, Muqātil b. Sulaymān, Ibn Qutayba, Abū Ubayda Ma’mar b. Musannā, Abū Ubayd Qāsim b. Sallām, al-Zuhrī and al-Tabarī’s interpretations on the Qur’ān were submitted and debated. Further, Imām Abū Hanīfa’s, Imām Ja’far al-Sādiq’s, Imām al-Shāfiī’s, Imām Mālik’s and Ahmad b. Hanbal’s exegesis of the Qur’ān were evaluated. In addition Ash’ārī’s and Māturīdī’s interpretative methods were examined. Furthermore, Buhārī’s and Qummī’s opinions on the interpretation of the Qur’anic verses were analysed. Lastly topics such as Mutashābihāt, Gharīb al-Qur’ān, Majāz al-Qur’ān, Mushkil al-Qur’ān, Waqf and Ibtidā’ were focused upon.

Also School of Makkah, Madinah, Kufa, and Andalusia and their key features were investigated. The aim of presentations and discussions mentioned above subjects submitted by academicians were to illuminate the efforts of Muslims within the first three centuries of Islam.    

In Closing Session Symposium were evaluated by participants and their suggestions were noted.

We are happy to organise this International Meeting and bring specialist together. We thank to all participated persons. We want to publish the papers presented in a short time.     

Research Institute for Philosophical Foundation of Disciplines

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